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Buy a Flat Tummies Diwali box today!

by Rijo Mathew |

Diwali – the season for fresh, new beginnings; the festival that binds the country with light, love, and laughter. Diwali is the one time in the year when diets go out of the window and binging on sweets is considered auspicious and compulsory.

Something that starts way before the actual arrival of the festival itself is the buying of gifts. A recent research study revealed that the gifting industry in India is no small one. It is pegged to be at USD 65 billion currently and will grow to USD 84 billion by 2024. Gifting, especially during Diwali, is serious business. Whether you are looking to buy gifts for clients or your employees or want to add that special personal touch in your gifts for loved ones, you have one chance to get it right and be remembered and loved for the rest of the year!

So when there are so many options, don’t we always take the easy way out? Just because our family and friends love eating sweets, haven’t we all taken the easy path and just bought assorted boxes of sweets, especially for close family and friends?

But all of us who have popped one too many rasogullas, or had a double serving of ghar ki mithai with lunch, or even indulged in an extra helping of meetha after dinner know that post-binge sugar crashes, unhealthy bloating, and popping antacids are also a big part of celebration in India.

But there is help!





This Diwali, lets make a positive change. Not just in yourself but let’s try to spread the goodness. Flat Tummies’ special Diwali box is filled to the brim with healthy, yummy, nutritious goodness that will give you all the feels of Diwali mithai without any of the after effects! How you ask? Here’s how!

The Flat Tummies Diwali gift box is packed with three kinds of bars – the Vitamin bar, the Protein bar, and the Fiber Bar; almond and flaxseed jam cookies, and choco and coffee melts.

The Vitamin bars have the zesty taste of orange to keep you fresh and on your feet all through your Diwali preps while maintaining blood sugar levels and keeping you full and satisfied. Ragi, healthy seeds and nuts, and coconut sugar all play a huge role in making this bar one of our favourites!

The Protein bars pack quite the punch with healthy nut and seeds and the strong, universal favourite taste of cocoa! Kids will love this bar that is packed with good fats and healthy nutrition but all masked with the kid-friendly taste of cocoa.

The Fiber bars (much needed during Diwali!) contain three different fruits, oats, and seeds making it the perfect thing to reach for to ensure you are feeling fit and fine throughout the festive days.

Feel like indulging? Then why not reach for the almond jam cookies! They taste delicious because they are made with 90% almond protein and are sweetened only with natural sweeteners. So this indulgence is actually helping your body! The last two treats in the box are the choco and coffee melt cookies. While you enjoy the taste of chocolate or coffee your body is getting the goodness of ragi, flaxseed, and husk!

Phew! Now there’s your Diwali phatakha, all ready to be wrapped and gifted!

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t this the perfect gift for everyone in your family? Treat yourself too and get a box today!

Click here to buy now!

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