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Maximizing Immunity, Minimizing Risk! Part I

by Flat Tummies |

In the previous article, we addressed the basics on Immunity, how our body respondsto invaders and simple solutions to pamper our Immunity.

The 3 ways to reduce our exposure include:

Earlier we mentioned there are 2 ways to maximize our immune strength:

  1. Reduce exposure to harmful invaders
  2. Strengthen the immune system so that it can eliminate any type of intruders

    • Balanced nutrition and adoption to natural foods
    • Exposure to clean air and water
    • Eliminating negative emotions (Arising from the five sensory organs of our body)

Adoption to Natural Foods:

The more we avoid our exposure to processed foods, the better will be our immune system. Replacing harmful processed ingredients with natural foods will not only save us from the harmful effects of autoimmune disorders but also strengthen our immunity. Its our choice- Tasty processed foods or a good immune system for life? Which one would you pick?

Let's pick the most commonly consumed foods and address the ways to consume them:

Sugar, Maida, Acidic foods, Preservatives.

Sugary effect on our Immune system

As we move along with the daily hustle, we tend to binge on indulging snacks loaded with sugar to satiate our stress and palate cravings. However, in the process we do more damage to ourselves than good. The reason- SUGAR!

Sugar is definitely the modern “EVIL”. It gives you moments of delight and then crashes your energy and the hopes for entertainment. Have you observed sometimes a few hours after a heavy sugar intake (Cola drinks, Ice cream), you begin to feel tired or have aches around your body? This could be the EVIL ingredient acting upon you. As per some research studies, average Indians consume nearly 20g of sugar per day. So why is sugar worse this worse?

When we consume sugar, our immune system considers this as an outsider (as its not natural), thereby the digestive system taking up several nutrients from our body to digest this ingredient. During this process, our body becomes deplete of essential nutrients thereby weakening the formation of white blood cells (part of our immune system). Unless we compensate this by adding enough diverse nutrients that have already been depleted by the EVIL Sugar.

Further, sugar decreases the amount of good bacteria in the GUT which in turn leads to sugar cravings, owing to which the GUT loses the ability to fight incoming bacteria or foreign invaders leading to Inflammation. Prolonged inflammation can lead to diseases such as even Cancer!

Sugar Lover and a Fitness Freak?

Now when sugar has these many health concerns, what's the point even if we are regularly into fitness activities, Yoga or consuming health supplements regularly. We have to put in so much more efforts physically as well as with nutrition to compensate for that one spoon of sugar. Now, think about a can of COKE! Or an ice cream TUB? What can it do to you and how much added nutrition you might need to balance the wrong ACT!

Why compromise on your immunity, when you have such healthy alternatives available? Jaggery or Coconut Sugar has such nutritious properties and don’t behave the same way once they are, once inside our digestive system. Let's try to eliminate packaged snacks with added refined sugar and replace Sugar with natural sweeteners for our regular Chai or Coffee.

Types of “Common Hidden” sugars

Further, most packaged food companies nowadays try to hide the sugar content by replacing the word “Sugar” with 52other legally allowed synonyms. The harmful effects are the same irrespective of the naming convention. So the next time you visit a nearby store and pick up a packaged food, BEWARE

The better alternatives to Refined sugar, which are- Jaggery, Coconut Sugar & Honey.
Jaggery (Gur) is an excellent source of antioxidant and aids in digestion. Here’s the reason why our ancestors preferred biting into jaggery soon after a meal. Jaggery in its most natural form (with no additives) makes it safe and healthy for consumption.

Coconut sugar likewise has similar benefits as jaggery. Further, it is an excellent source of essential minerals that helps maintain hormonal balance. With a low Glycemic index, coconut sugar is a treatful ingredient for diabetic people, it just doesn’t aid a spike in sugar levels if consumed in small quantities. Hence, when you’d like to sweeten your drink, choose one of these. Finally, processing of coconut sugar is still at its nascent stage in India. With low commercial practices, we are more likely to see hardly any adulteration in the coconut sugar processing. Hence, we’d highly recommend Coconut sugar as the best alternative to refined sugar in the current scenario.

Honey is another great substitute that’s been used since ages. However, bad industry practices and availability of commercial brands which use wrong techniques in breeding the bees, we are very apprehensive on its source and usage. Since ancient times, honey combs were collected from the jungles where the bees would breed on natural flower nectar. However in recent times, the bees are made to breed on refined sugar to avoid starvation of bee colonies during cultivation. This poses a serious hazard to availability of natural honey. For this main reason, we would keep honey as the last alternative to refined sugar.

To conclude, sugar has far harmful effects in the long run on our immune system and it’s foolishness to put your mind into the healthiest habits (Physical and Food) but ignore it when it comes to sugar consumption. Stay aware and Stay away from Sugar! Reduce Sugar and Maximize Immunity.

In the next blog, we will continue further on other harmful foods that could pose a threat to our immunity. Stay tuned for more exciting content on Immunity and wellbeing!

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Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER to receive fascinating information on health and wellness.


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